my services

My clients who enjoy the greatest success working with me value long-term relationships. They understand that a deep understanding of their goals and objectives will yield the best business results.

I have extensive experience working directly with small business owners in providing a full range of business services. My clients can expect the following:

  1. New perspectives on their business challenges
  2. Quick assessment of their needs and appropriate recommendations
  3. Well-managed timelines and budgets – without surprises
  4. Creative solutions of the highest quality

Once I have defined your problems/challenges I turn them into projects and begin to perform one if not all of the following services:

  1. Planning - This is about creating a blueprint of what solution is to be built or constructed. Not just words on paper but visual models that show a holistic approach to solving your problems/ meeting your challenges is what this process will yield.
  2. Consulting - This primarily only takes place when there is already a plan in place but the results are not being actualized. I try and work within a plan if at all possible to save my clients the expense of scrapping old plans and creating new ones but this is sometimes more trouble then it is worth for my clients.
  3. Management - The implementation phase is always the most exciting and scary part of any project. Even with the best laid plans this can be unnerving so I take the time to build the team and manage the process until the project is satisfactorily complete.

Project Categories
The problems/challenges that usually are presented to me for solutions tend to fall into one of these five categories:

  1. Product, Service or Experience (PSE)
            Product Development
            Service Development
            Experience Development
            Event Creation
  2. Business Formation
            Legal Entity Registration
            Business Document Storage and Organization
            Accounting Set-Up
            Professional Business Team Creation
  3. Environment Creation
            Store Front/Office Space Design and Planning
            Website Design
            Event Staging
            Construction Management
  4. Information Creation
            Brand Identity (Logo, Business Cards, Stationary, Signage)
            Communication Copy
            Artistic Direction (Photographic, Video, etc.)
  5. Communication Implementation
           Print Ads
            Company Brochures
            Radio Ads
            Television Ads
            Web Communication (Websites, Social Networking, etc.)