One Can Make A Difference!

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I often ask myself, can one make a difference? Not in the Your Vote Counts kind of way but more so in the business realm. If you have something to offer, can one person wanting it make a difference? I mean really what can one person do for your business. Well, you are one person and your business begins with you, right? So let's take a short look at this Power of One concept and what it can do for your business or career.

Let's say I want to start a business selling salt. I mean you sold every kind of salt there was to sell, sea salt, kosher salt, table salt, industrial salt, winter ice melting salt, Epsom salt, bath salt, etc. Who is your customer? Well that is the problem you don't have any yet. You are ready for business but you don't know where to find your pipeline of customers. Common problem, uncommon solution.
Let's pick one kind of salt to focus on, Sea Salt. You have the finest gourmet sea salt that money can buy and now you need to find a buyer. Well, don't waste your time at Golden Corral trying to convince them that they can get 2 bucks more on the buffet with your salts added to there recipes! Instead find the closest Culinary School and meet everyone who is someone and even the ones who aren't anyone yet. Offer free samples to the professors for recipes and become very good friends with the purchasing agent.

Find internships for some of the promising students. Conduct workshops, introduce the professors to restaurant owners who can feature their culinary skills in special visiting chef offers. Join the culinary associations and become entrenched in the industry that will serve as your client base. After all this has been done you are ready for your one to make a difference. You ask the purchasing agent at the school to place an order with you for your gourmet sea salt, the answer will no doubt be, of course, I thought you would never ask. Your work is done right, wrong.

Let's activate that power of one now. Ask the agent to introduce you to his fellow purchasing agents at other schools and institutions. Get a testimonial from that agent and show it to all the restaurant owners you created relationships with, ask them to purchase from you also, don't forget to get testimonials from them too. Do you see what's happening with this scenario? You have made yourself a valuable resource to an industry and you do it all for the sell of salt and it begins with that first customer.

In the above example one can make a difference on many levels, one product or service, one industry, one client and one ambassador (You). Get it going, whatever your one is but exercise the power of one! Good luck!

Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,
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Cirilo McLaine

Cirilo McLaine

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