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I have always made friends with those older than myself. I can't really tell you why, but my mom always called me an Old Soul. This may explain why I enjoy the sayings that old men have told me over the years. One of my favorites is, " You know Ideas are like A**Holes, most all of them Stink and Everyone has one". Yeah, I know it's crude but it's also true.

You see after being in the business of providing advise to small business owners for over 10 years, I have heard my share of Great Ideas. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy hearing people who are excited about their business and the opportunities associated with the companies they love. I don't take issue with that one bit.
What I do take issue with is, those who do drive-by idea dropping but spend little or no time implementing the ideas. We all know people like this, they work very little and talk a great deal, then look around and wonder why nothing has been done. I see it so often that I fight the urge to ignore people when say those words, "I Have A Great Idea". It's like getting pecked to death by ducks!

The silver lining in this whole thing is, every once in a while there are truly some great ideas. When you find that great idea don't rest until you do everything possible to develop your idea and your implementation team.

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Cirilo McLaine

Cirilo McLaine

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