May I Have This Dance?

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Do you remember the first dance/party you ever went to? You laid out that perfect outfit a week in advance, scheduled that tight haircut with your barber. You washed the family car even though you didn't have a license yet. You took two showers that day sprayed on the best cologne/perfume you could find (Faberge' for me). Not a whole in your socks or underwear and your breath was taken care of with ,what else but, Big Red chewing gum! You were straight! Everything was perfect down to your mom pumping Guy's "Groove Me" in the car, on the way to the dance, because she liked that jam too!

All this preparation was for a reason. It was to build your confidence. To make sure you could handle any situation the party might throw your way but most of all it was so you felt strong enough to ask that special girl for the couples slow dance to R. Kelly's new song. With all that work you knew you were going to get that dance, right, but right as the DJ says it's time to slow it down you freeze up. You go through your mental checklist, everything is straight, you glide over to the spot where the fly girl crew is hanging out and you look her dead in the eye and ask "May I Have This Dance?". She smiles and said she thought you would never ask. Victory! you said and all the hard work was worth it.

Alright, Maestro what is this all about? Well, all the things I just described above we seem to forget to do when it comes to attracting new customers and clients. Everyone of those details described before were absolutely necessary not because the fly girl might have said No had you not washed your mom's car but because washing your mom's car added to the confidence it took to Make the Ask! Never let anything you have control over stop you from making the ask.

Take two showers, wash your car and your mom's too. Put on the latest and greatest cologne (not Faberge' I hope), get that fresh cut and spend some time on putting that perfect outfit together. It will all be well worth it when your client looks over the Starbucks bistro table and says those magic words, "I thought you would never ask"!

Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,
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Cirilo McLaine

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