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Written by Cirilo McLaine
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Each and every time you interact with the public is an opportunity to make an impression, make the most out of it! When was the last time you took a long hard look at your marketing pieces. How about recorded yourself to hear how you sound on the phone. Updated that business picture lately, if you clearly no longer have hair but your business card picture does, it's time to update!

Every so often I will study the material that I give to people when I interact with them. Just think about it, after you have left a persons presence all that is left is your business card or brochure, it better say success and professional. When people receive your printed information they should think, " Wow".

A lot of times in this age of desktop publishing people will design their own materials with templates, which to be honest is always a little cheesy for my taste, but much cheaper than a graphic artist. If you must use templates make sure you change the stock artwork and colors so they at least match your companies brand.

The business card and brochure is only one point of contact. You also have telephone interactions, face to face meetings, and random at Home Depot looking for grass seed in your sweatpants from high school meetings, or is that only me? Here are a couple of suggestions for these interactions as well.

First your message must be clear, concise and short. Frame your message or offering but not so it sounds canned but more like a story. Call your own voice mail and leave yourself a message as if you were calling a client/customer or associate. Listen to that message over and over and make appropriate changes, then call your boss or wife (often one in the same) and ask them to critique your message.

Also, practice delivering your face to face contact with a friend in front of a video camera, study it and make changes accordingly. As far as, the random Home Depot meeting, throw those damn sweatpants away! Seriously though, every point of contact is extremely important don't waste it and better yet always make the most of it. Study your points of contact and be sure they represent you properly! Be prosperous!

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