Do It Anyway

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It can’t be done! We’ve never done it this way! That’s not the way we do it! On and on and on the naysayers go but what will you do? Will you give up, will you throw in the towel? I am sick and tired of the negative energy that comes my way day after day and I’m sure you are too!

Greatness often has no model before its achieved otherwise it would not be remarkable, so why do we feel we need permission before we can do something great? We kick a wonderful idea around til it no longer resembles anything we can recognize. We run it by this person and that person until we find enough people who say it won’t work, validating our own negative energy from the start!


You are a unique person with different ideas and individual inspirations, don’t let the naysayers win and don’t let them muddy up your dreams! Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway! You only get one life to live and you should be trying to experience as many things as possible in life and business! Look for the challenge, meet it head on and you will be amazed at how much you can get done!

I’m not saying every endeavor will succeed or that you will never fall on your face but I am saying you can not let fear Win and FEAR is the worst four letter word I have ever heard! Be Strong, Be Courageous and Be True, to the wonderfully unique desires that have been placed in you!

Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,
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Cirilo McLaine

Cirilo McLaine

I am a business advisor specializing in providing solutions to challenges often encountered by those who own, run or start small businesses.

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