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It's the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas(Although I love that season), it's Football Season. The best part of football to me is the team effort required for success. Yeah, there are always the standouts but even the great quarterbacks, receivers, and linebackers would not be able to do anything without their teammates playing their part. You know, that is a lot like business.

To make sure you can achieve success in your business endeavors, you should consider building a business team to manage your business affairs. For some reason this seems to be a problem for many business people. Maybe it's privacy, embarrassment or lack of knowledge but we have to do better and this is how.

First and foremost you should view yourself as the quarterback of your team and you must play your position. As the leader your goal is to build a team that will help you grow your Assets, add more streams of Income, shrink your Liabilities and reduce your Expenses. You will also need a coach. Some people can play quarterback and coach but if you know that is not you then find a coach.

So, who are some of these professionals you should be looking for? Let's start with the Coach or Business Manager. This is a person who knows your dreams and desires, understands your situation and has the playbook and roster. the business manager should have a great understanding of general business and the different business professionals duties. This person can cost as little as $50/month and as much as $5,000/month but you should definitely be able to find someone in your price range.

Next the quarterback and coach should create a plan and add the necessary team members. An investment advisor to grow the assets, a real estate agent to add rental income to your portfolio, a banker to consolidate your liabilities and a CPA to reduce your tax expense. Sounds simple right, well it can be once the team is put together but it takes a while to find trusted professionals that are competent and manageable.

There are other professionals that may be necessary to your success as well. A lawyer, life insurance agent, property and casualty insurance agent, career agent, mortgage lender and many others depending on your goals. The point is you need to put your team together and keep them all on the same page to accomplish your goals. As you attend different networking mixers be on the lookout for team members or new recruits.

Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,

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Cirilo McLaine

Cirilo McLaine

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