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I had an interesting conversation the other day with a successful business owner who felt that Branding was nothing more then wrapping a product or service in a pretty package so it looked good to the public.  While I agree that packaging is an important part of branding it’s only a Part.


There are a number of definitions for branding but for this blog I will focus on the one that essentially calls a brand “an impression signifying ownership”. Many ranchers did/do this to tag their livestock and many companies do this to tag their products and services. The big question is... Why?

The simple answer is, they do it so anyone can easily separate them from the sea of competition. But why?


To increase sales from those who trust the brands they have built!


Many of you know my philosophy on business is, Businesses Succeed because of High Sales and Fail because of Low Sales, everything else is commentary. Whether you are a seasoned business person or a newbie the goal is always to increase sales. The quickest way to do this is to make it easy for people to recognize your product, service or experience.


If I am in the market for a Blu Ray DVD player and search the internet to find good options, all things being equal I will probably choose the brand I chose for my television and other components. Not because I am a Brand Snob but rather I am very happy with my other components.


We do this with plenty of things from cotton swaps (Q-Tips are my choice) to jeans (Old Navy or Gap). This makes my purchase process very simple and gives me more time, which is the true commodity, to do other things like write this blog.


So, if we know this from a consumer perspective why not from the small business owners perspective? I work really hard to create and establish brands for my clients not only to provide a pretty package but also to give their customers and clients a way to filter out their competition and buy from them again.


Branding is about making an impression and delivering on a promise and this is the path to profits.  No, not all brands are going to resonate with all people but that’s kinda the point. When your brand does you have the opportunity to have a customer for life.


A customer that trust your brand above all others will be a customer that continues to buy what you are selling and that is the way to success. For my successful business owner that I mention before, he has a brand whether he knows it or not and giving his clients more ways to identify with his brand will only increase his sales.


For those who decide to not focus time, energy or dollars to brand will find at the end of the day a diluted brand that ultimately gets lost in the sea of competition that continues to be grow.  I choose to establish a solid brand! What about you?


Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,


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