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Today I had the taste for fried fish and not just any fried fish but the best fried fish one might find in the DC Metro Area. Being that I just recently relocated to the area I didn’t know where to go to satisfy my craving.  So, the first thing I did was...? You guessed it, googled “Best Fried Fish In DC”. The first name to pop up was Horace and Dickie’s Seafood Carry-Out.


The reviews were great but I live in Silver Spring, MD  about 45 minutes from them and was hoping for something a little closer. I sent a tweet message to my two food gurus Mark Moreno and Jeff Cattell and within minutes they both sent messages back, “Horace & Dickies 809 12th St NE Washington, DC” and “The best known is Horace & Dickies on 12th street. I haven't been there in probably 15 years, but it was great back then.” respectively.

Say no more I am sold! So, I hop in my car and head south on 29 to Georgia Ave to Florida St and approximately one hour later (left the house during rush hour, SMH) pull in front of what can best be described as a Hole in The Wall. My face lit up because in my experience these little neighborhood places tend to never disappoint on flavor!


I parked and walked into a whirlwind of action, banter and occasional sarcasm with the sweet sight and smell of Fried Fish! I felt right at home and no one even knew me! After the folks in front of me ordered the last of the prepared fish, I was a little disappointed but not for long because the tatted up lady behind the counter started breading a fresh batch for the fryer. Now I'm really excited, piping hot fish, yes!


“What you having?”, Fish Dinner Double Fries! They threw two pieces of wheat wonder bread in the to go box, deli paper on top of that, fries in the two compartments and five good sized pieces of hot fish on top of the deli paper. She seasoned my fries then squeezed ketchup on them, and squeezed hot sauce on my fish! “$9.54 is your total”, SWEET!!!!!


Let me just say this fish was amazing! The best I have had in quite some time and I cannot wait to return! They deserve every good review I read and if you are looking for the Best Fried Fish in DC don’t hesitate in getting there!


What does this all have to do with “Branding” you might be asking? Everything!


They have done such a great job at providing the Best Fried Fish in DC, the entire experience is their brand. They don’t have a website, they have a facebook fanpage that I doubt they actually created or manage themselves, the place is barely big enough to hold six guest standing and the workers aren’t the most friendly or politically correct around but they do fish right and I will be back!


Maybe the best part about branding is the reliability/dependability that comes from establishing one.  In a world full of chaos and ever changing landscapes we need some things to stay the same or at least be just as reliable as they have always been. I know after one visit that was just as good as the reviews I read and the recommendations that I received, Horace & Dickies Brand is rock solid and synonymous with the Best Fried Fish in DC!  How can you make your brand just as strong? I hope my experience at H&D Seafood helps to shed some light on some possibilities for you.


Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,


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