The Competitive Edge

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In this dog eat dog world everyone is always on the lookout for an advantage, for that one thing that will help them to standout from their competition. This is not always that easy to do, you look around for ways to add that little extra touch that will make the difference. I remember back in my financial planning days, there was the "War of the Pens". I mean if your ink pen didn't cost at least $100.00 you weren't worth 100 bucks either.

I even had one of the trainers at the office demonstrate how you use the $100+ pen in a presentation with a client. Now that's competitive advantage, right? Wrong! When you truly have a competitive advantage no one will care what kind of pen you have.

So what can be seen as a competitive advantage? I feel that only specific and deliberate actions offer competitive advantage. For instance, if you decide to meet everyone in the neighborhood that surrounds your office and thats your market, you will have a competitive advantage over the person in the office next to you who never talks to anyone from that neighborhood.

Work like hell to separate yourself from your competition and you will enjoy true success!

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Cirilo McLaine

Cirilo McLaine

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