The Brand of Philanthropy

Charitable giving is no longer what it used to be. There was a time years ago when it was enough to have your 501(c)(3) IRS status and a recognizable cause, for money to flow in without any problem. Oh, how times have changed! Today there is increased competition for the benefactor's, albeit decreased, charitable dollars. What separates your charit...
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Websites - Your Brand's Hub

A large part of my day is spent researching websites. I look for new trends, cool designs and personality but most of all I look for functionality. In the digital age we live in it is very easy to get an online presence but not so easy to get a good one! Sure you could take all of your printed material and have that uploaded to
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A Brand New World

As a Brand Architect in this day and age I am astonished at the number of brands I see on a daily basis within the commercial environment. Something even more astonishing is the proliferation of personal branding. In college I studied and learned the importance of branding to enhance profits and create customer loyalty but in this Brand New World i...
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Logos - Your Brand's Symbol

It's no secret amongst my friends and clients, I LOVE LOGOS. I am not a graphic artist but as a brand architect I often bring graphic artist in on my projects. In my opinion there is nothing that brings together a brand the way a logo can. I have seen my share of logos in my career, some of which I didn't quite understand or like and some of which ...
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Brainstorming Your Brand

Have you ever asked an entrepreneur what their business is, only to get a 30 explanation of all of their cogs and sprockets then walk away still not knowing what they do? I have and if I am going to be completely honest here, I have been that guy. Sure its easy for some, We Sell Cars, We Sell Pies or We Sell Smoked BBQ Brisket but for us profession...
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