Who I Serve

I work for those who own, run and want to start small businesses across a broad range of industries. What they all share is the need to create solutions to their business challenges, allowing them to meet their goals of wealth, happiness and success.

They have business challenges that require sophisticated solutions.

My clients come to me because they aren’t happy with their business affairs, or because their business plans, strategies and teams aren’t getting the desired results.

They need business models that perform, and are seeking a partner who can deliver results.

Assets, liabilities, incomes and expenses aren’t just numbers on a page, they each must achieve intended business objectives. After my clients work with me for a while, they enjoy powerful business systems that make it easier for them to make smart decisions.

They are looking for fresh ideas and appreciate good business solution design (design thinking).

Instead of viewing design as a necessary evil or looking for a quick fix, they’re excited about establishing a new direction for their business initiatives. They can tell the difference between good and bad business solution design and are unwilling to settle for average design thinking.

They understand that it’s worth the investment.

Creating unique, high quality solutions to business challenges requires time and effort. Successful people are prepared to invest a reasonable budget as well as contribute the necessary time to the design thinking process. For their investment, they get powerful tools for managing all aspects of their projects/businesses/lives.