Brainstorming Your Brand


Have you ever asked an entrepreneur what their business is, only to get a 30 explanation of all of their cogs and sprockets then walk away still not knowing what they do? I have and if I am going to be completely honest here, I have been that guy.

Sure its easy for some, We Sell Cars, We Sell Pies or We Sell Smoked BBQ Brisket but for us professionals that work in less tangible businesses and instances where there is no reference we must work a little harder. So I will tell you the process to get you to a point where there is no more confusion.

Your Brand Story is the essence of why you are in business the big solution you provide and why. The great feelings you foster and for whom. The brand story is the script to your commercial and the outline to your brochure. Your brand story is the golden thread that runs through your entire business making complete sense out of what looks and sounds like complete nonsense.

So how do you get to this Brand Story? It all starts with a clean white board, sheet of paper, bar napkin or whatever is close.

Go ahead and find something, I will wait........!

Ok now that you are back lets start our Brandstorming session.

In the center of your paper write the word "Solve". Circle that word then draw three lines from the circle. At the end of the first line, write the first thing your business solves for your customers then circle it. Next at the end of the second and third line do the same but identify two different things your business solves for your customers. Then stop step back and look at your drawing and think about how you make those things happen.

After you think thoroughly about how you make those things happen FORGET THOSE THOUGHTS. Really! Forget about it because it doesn't really matter to anyone of your customers. All your customer really cares about is you competently solving one or all three of the things you have wrote on your paper.

For a restaurant, the brand story may simply be, Mama's Skillet is in the business of providing high quality organic food, in a beautiful environment, where you leave your dining experience feeling like family.

This statement paints a quick picture of the specific problems you solve for people in the shortest amount of time. Just enough to intrigue but not enough to bore. After this is done your supporting statement need only support you solving the very problems you just spelled out for them. Don't stray into the inner workings of your business for this is an abyss that you wont return from.

I know I have oversimplified this process and getting to those top three solutions isn't always easy but its worth your effort. Refuse to dilute your brand by adding to much fluff to your brand story. Remember clarity is the goal and you must be diligent in clearing any clutter around your brand.

Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,


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