Sell or Die!

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I spend a lot of time on this blog writing about simplicity and how important it is to focus your attention on your product or service. You have taken my advice and now you are asking "What do I do now?". Now you are ready to attract buyers! It's no secret that businesses succeed because of high sales and they fail because of low sales. So how do you go from 0 to 100 in a short amount of time? Make a list but don't check it twice.

Yeah, I know you aren't Santa Clause but you say show me the money, I say bring your wheel barrel. You have designed your product and service with someone in mind, right? How many of those people did you contact last week, today or better yet will you contact tomorrow? Well, if that number has yielded less than perfect results then you need to put some time into developing your list of potential buyers.

Make the list first then make your way down the list to offer what you are selling. This is the part that normally causes the problems for most people. For some reason we spend a great deal of time on development of the products and services we offer but shy away from telling the world we are open for business. I have heard every excuse in the book, I don't have enough money to market, I don't have enough time to market, I don't know how to talk to people about buying from me, I don't sell.

If you have used any of those excuses above, I have one suggestion, STOP! Either you stop making excuses or you stop doing business because if you are unwilling to talk to people about buying from you, there is no way I can help you. For all those who are ready though, I say make your list, contact your list and offer your product or service. It doesn't get anymore grass roots then that.

You can do this tomorrow. Sell the insurance, the jewelry, the cars or the taco but for all of our sake, SELL!

Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,
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Cirilo McLaine

Cirilo McLaine

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