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The fight began many years ago and if you want to know the history I recommend the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. The result was Apple creating for the arts and entertainment community and Microsoft taking over everything else (to include the world). With this separation came two types of computer owners, those that were creative and those who were business minded, what a shame. I believe I was the only student in the school of business at my college that had a Apple computer a little over ten years ago. My, how times have changed and you should considered a change too!

I won't bother explaining all the things that can be done on a PC because they are the majority of computers sold today and they are so standard that most of you understand them completely. What many of you may not be aware of though is the ability to run your business or fit into just about any business environment with a Mac computer.
Yes, with all the applications that are web based, as well as, the growth of Apple over the past five or six years, it is possible to run your business in a complete or partial Apple environment. You may be asking why this is even important. Well, the business world has changed and no longer can we afford to be on one side or the other. We must be both creative and business minded. We must use the many forms of multimedia available, as well as, crunch the numbers. The expectations have changed and Apple has promised to deliver equipment and software that will give you the edge in business.

I say just keep an open mind and visit a Apple store to see how they may be able to enhance your business practices. If you are still not convinced you can at least appreciate the pretty cool commercials.

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