Implementation or action is the last part of this three part series and yes, I did save the best for last. I sometimes feel bad when I have had a long heart felt talk with a business owner, given them the best advice I could come up with and they leave feeling pumped up, only to have trouble implementing the new ideas.

The implementation is the most important piece of this puzzle called entrepreneurship, or better yet the push pins in your big “B” journey map. So, how do you move effectively forward with the plan? The answer is actually very simple, like Nike says, Just Do It! I don’t have time, I don’t have the knowledge, I don’t have the education, and I don’t have the right color tie!

Honestly , you can find any excuse for anything but the reality is you can never move forward unless taking a step is the most important thing to you at that moment. You can’t blame anyone but yourself. You must have the attitude that you won’t be denied progress, you won’t let anyone stand in your way and if you don’t get the help you need at one rest stop along the way you will keep going until you find the help.

What is a good excuse? No excuse is a good excuse if it stands in the way of your success. I mean that and I cannot let you off the hook here, there is to much at stake. I need you to be successful in your pursuits because that not only encourages me, it also encourages those around you and in the small business community where success is a little hard to come by these days.

You can never plant a garden from your sofa, you have to get your hands dirty and just like that garden you can’t grow a business while laying in your bed you have to get up and get to work. Work on everything that can be worked on for your business, leave no stone unturned. Touch every square inch of the business and insist that your team play their parts. No excuses and if they don’t feel the same way, find someone who will, FAST!

Work diligently, work daily and work deliberately at all things related to your business and let all the haters and naysayers make the excuses, while you run your business straight to the top! See you there, Winners!

Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,
How do we start the process of creating the business of your dreams? It's just like creating a road map to a vacation destination. You first find out where you are, then you find out where you want to go and last you map out the best route to get there, understanding there may be some detours along the way.

You must first establish your core competency . What are you in business to offer? What is it that people are going to part with their hard earned money for? What is it that you do as good or better then most? Is it the best value, best price, best quality? What is your core competency?

Now that you know what you are selling, let's make it clear and concise enough that everyone can understands. Example, I sell quality life and disability insurance that can be upgraded over the entire careers of recent graduates of medical school, might be your offering. This is an important piece so please take time to put together something you can be very proud of for quite some time.

Also knowing what you will be delivering to your customers you must start to tell the story. Tell it to everyone that matters. Who matters may be your question. This is where the separation begins between Mom & Pop/ Sole proprietorship's and Corporations/LLC's or what I will refer to as little "b" and big "B" respectively. Little "b's" start and generally continue their journey alone, while big "B's" start to tell their stories to investors, bankers, friends, family, just about anyone who will listen and come along for the ride.

What is the purpose of telling so many people about your business? You need buy in for long term success, is the reason. You have to visit each of these places along your journey:
  1. Raise Money or Capitalize the business
  2. Build a board of directors
  3. Put business policy in place
  4. Create a strong Brand
  5. Market your Brand.
This all takes man hours, talent and if that isn't clear A LOT OF HELP! So stop trying to do it all by yourself, allow others to help you get to your destination and let them benefit from the success of the business. The great thing about the big "B" journey is that whenever you run into obstacles or road blocks in your journey you will have enough minds with a vested interest in your success, to come up with a solution. We will explore this more tomorrow.

Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,
My major in college was entrepreneurial studies. It was a new major for our school but quite popular. As a matter of fact I was the second graduate of that program a friend was the first. We spent a great deal of time on case studies, business plan development and corporate analysis. I figured I was in pretty good shape to handle businesses of all different kinds as long as they were entrepreneurial in essence. Little did I know I was in for a rude awaking.

What does the word entrepreneur really mean? Well, it describes a person of vision and desire, who’s unafraid to take risk for the chance at business success. A person or group of people who create a business. The funny thing is many people who call themselves entrepreneurs have little resemblance to the ones I studied in college.

What is the problem? Well, what I have seen a lot out here on the business front is people who really want rewards with little effort or those with efforts that outweigh their rewards. I constantly run into that unbalanced business that wears the owners down or makes them quit.

A person once told me that success was when small efforts produced large results and when large efforts produced small results it was time to abandoned ship. Yes, there are exceptions to every rule and that is the case in this situation as well but it’s a good rule of thumb.

So, how do you know when you have become an entrepreneur on the road to success? The first thing you must ask yourself is, am I building a company, a business or have I created a job for myself? Self employment is OK for some people but that should not be the overall goal of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur should be looking to create a business that works when he or she is not there operating it.

This weekend I will touch on some of the main steps to establishing a good track for you to develop the ultimate business. The type of business that can attract investors, the type of business with a corporate image and the type of business where small efforts produce tremendous results, stay tuned

Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,
It can’t be done! We’ve never done it this way! That’s not the way we do it! On and on and on the naysayers go but what will you do? Will you give up, will you throw in the towel? I am sick and tired of the negative energy that comes my way day after day and I’m sure you are too!

Greatness often has no model before its achieved otherwise it would not be remarkable, so why do we feel we need permission before we can do something great? We kick a wonderful idea around til it no longer resembles anything we can recognize. We run it by this person and that person until we find enough people who say it won’t work, validating our own negative energy from the start!


You are a unique person with different ideas and individual inspirations, don’t let the naysayers win and don’t let them muddy up your dreams! Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway! You only get one life to live and you should be trying to experience as many things as possible in life and business! Look for the challenge, meet it head on and you will be amazed at how much you can get done!

I’m not saying every endeavor will succeed or that you will never fall on your face but I am saying you can not let fear Win and FEAR is the worst four letter word I have ever heard! Be Strong, Be Courageous and Be True, to the wonderfully unique desires that have been placed in you!

Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,
Happy Monday everyone, its the beginning of the work week! As a personal ritual of mine I use Sunday night, Monday morning as back to basics time for me and I would like to share with you those basics that offer the foundation for all my business decisions.

Business is simply Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expenses, all else is just commentary(some commentary is good though, ie. This Blog). When you look at the different decisions you must make as a business person on a daily basis, how do you make these decision? Well let me quickly explain how this can be done consistently for life!
You must first be able to distinguish true assets from liabilities. Business 101 in college teaches us that an Asset is defined by its ability to produce income and a liability on the flip side produces expenses.

So yes, if it cost you money rather then make you money it’s a liability, but not all liabilities are bad. Your personal residence is a liability(albeit a good one)to you and an asset to the bank. It’s and expense to you and provides income for the bank. The only way for you to convert it to an asset is to sell it! Not to beat a dead horse but just take a moment to look at all the things that make you money and all the things that cost you.

Ok, now that you are thoroughly depressed, time to map out your work week. Your weekly goals you be to increase or work toward increasing your assets and decrease your liabilities. The more assets the more streams of income while the more liabilities, well you get the point.

This sounds very simple but often what happens is we spend so much time managing or maintaining our assets and liabilities, we never get around to increasing the number of streams of income and decreasing the number of expenses. Don’t let this happen to you any longer! From this day forward start your week right with a “By any means necessary” plan to change you life daily.

Be like a predator in search of prey, a hunter in search of game, a pirate in search of booty! Find opportunities to acquire assets and opportunities to offload those liabilities! Build that business team that will help make it happen for you, let your weekly meetings have new purpose and get ready to do it all over again each week. See you at the Top!

Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,
I have never liked Crown Royal, always preferred a Evans Williams Single Barrel Mash when it comes to whiskey but I received a beautiful bottle of Crown Royal Cask No. 16 from my client the other day and it is absolutely wonderful! This whiskey is aged in a previously used oak cognac cask so it has a smooth finish like the finest VSOP. The description says it has notes of fruit and spice, but I can't really tell it might be that I am on glass number two though, lol! If you are looking for a nice drink this weekend or a special gift for someone who is a cognac lover, give this a try, it sells for around $60 for 750mL! Thanks Darryl and Tiff!
When you mention prospecting to most professionals who are in sales (and we all are in sales) the first thing you get is a cringe, sigh or a run in the other direction but it doesn't have to be that way. The secret to sales is the realization that somebody out there wants what you have to offer, believe it or not! The only thing you have to do is find them.

There are a number of ways to find people who are your prospects. You can cold-call, send mailers, go door to door, run advertisements or send smoke signals but the idea is to make contact. For my business I only consider telephone or face to face encounters prospecting but for you mailers or something else may be the most effective. With all these different ways to meet potential clients why don't more people prospect?

The reason most people hate prospecting is because they hate rejection! Don't get me wrong I hate rejection to, as a matter of fact I don't know one person who enjoys being rejected. So, how then do you make it an art? Actually, it only happens with a little science. Yes, science can help you get over your emotional withdrawal due to prospecting. Here's how.

First you must believe that what you are selling is a worthy product or service. Next you have to chose your market. Then, it's important to figure out on average how many people you have to talk to before you get a Yes. Now you need to figure out how many yeses you must get to meet your goals. The last thing you must do is just make contact with your average number of people as often as you can with out concern with what their answers are but more concern with the activity.

Basically, you must detach yourself from the outcome and just go through the process. That is exactly what I do after I have positioned my offer. I start smiling and dialing mostly referrals at this point in my career but sometimes the projects I work on still require some cold calling believe it or not. If you have to talk to 10, 20, 30 or 40 people to get one yes then just make the calls. Hell, if it took 100 calls and the return was worth it I would make the calls with no hesitation. If you have to do the same you should be willing as well, it's all a numbers game anyway.

If I sat you in a room with a magic slot machine and told you that every 1000th time you pulled the slot lever the machine would spit out $1000.00, how many times a day would you pull that lever?1000, 2000, 5000, I bet you would pull that thing as many time as you could in a 24 hour period. How many calls must you make in order to produce $1000.00 for yourself? Well, just think if you did that three times a week every week how much different would your life be?

Empower Yourself, Make the Calls!

Make Money, Have Fun & Be A Blessing,
Imagine you are a world leader! You command the most powerful military on the face of the planet. You make the plans for the growth and prosperity of the nation. You put the necessary people in the necessary places so that when things don’t go as planned they can make adjustments to meet the ultimate goal, of Growth, Prosperity and Longevity.

There is only one problem! You have a rogue servant that has been hard to identify. He sabotages your military, destroys your plans and strategies, he constantly recruits your leaders away from you! He wants the exact opposite of you Decline, Poverty and Extinction for the nation. You have been tracking his every move for years and now you are very close to getting him.
The fight began many years ago and if you want to know the history I recommend the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. The result was Apple creating for the arts and entertainment community and Microsoft taking over everything else (to include the world). With this separation came two types of computer owners, those that were creative and those who were business minded, what a shame. I believe I was the only student in the school of business at my college that had a Apple computer a little over ten years ago. My, how times have changed and you should considered a change too!

I won't bother explaining all the things that can be done on a PC because they are the majority of computers sold today and they are so standard that most of you understand them completely. What many of you may not be aware of though is the ability to run your business or fit into just about any business environment with a Mac computer.
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